• CHNSpec Haze Meter for AG Glass Haze and Transmittance Measurement

  • AG glass’s full name is Ant-glare glass. It is a kind of glass whose surface is being specially processed. Its main character is making the glass reflective surface into matte non-reflective surface. Its working principle is processing single side or double sides of high quality glasses to make the reflectance ratio are much lower than normal glasses (reflectance ratio is reduced below 1% from 8%). This process can create clear visual effects.
    AG glass is widely used in touch screens and display for TV screen,car navigation screen, computer screen, mobile phone cover, phone panel, etc.
    AG glass can be pided into 3 kinds chemical etching AG,sprayed AG and coating AG. All kind of AG glass need measure 60 degree gloss, haze, roughness and transmittance.
    For haze and transmittance measurement, our CS-700 is very good choice.

    ASTM is one of the most commonly used haze standard. When measuring ASTM haze, the compensating port should be covered. 

    Now we will introduce how to measure AG glass haze and transmittance.
    Step 1. 0 calibration
    0% calibration cap should be covered on compensating port. 

    Step 2. 100% Calibration
    Make sure nothing is on the measurement port, then measure air for 100% calibration.

    Step 3. Test
    Put the sample on test aperture, press test, we can get the sample haze and transmittance value directly on screen. 

    If the sample surface is curve or irregular, the instrument can be placed vertically.
    Instrument can connect with PC, to generate and print test report. Simple operation to meet all measurement requirements.
    CS-700 is high accuracy and low cost. AG glass measurement, CS-700 will be your best choice. Any inquiry, please contact us at ivyzhang@colorspec.cn.
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