• How to Choose Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer?

  • If we want to choose suitable colorimeter, we should know what the colorimeter is and what it is used for. Colorimeter is also called color tester, color analyzer, color reader, color difference meter, color meter,etc. After measurement, it can tell the CIE lab value,△E, △L, △a and △b. 

    How to choose colorimeter?
    1.Firstly if you want to know which kind of instrument is suitable for you, you should know your requirement on the instrument accuracy (△E). If the color difference quality control is between 0-1, spectrophotometer will be better choice. These industries are plastic, paint, etc. Some of the industries only want to check the color difference value and do not requires very high accuracy, colorimeter will be enough for them. The following are instrument application pictures. 

    Powder Material Color Measurement

    Plastic Color Measurement

    PVC Product Color Measurement

    Metal Coating Color Measurement

    Milk Color Measurement

    Soy Sauce Color Mesurement

    2.Secondly,You should know your product shape and size. Because most colorimeter and spectrophotometer’s aperture is 8mm or 4mm. If your products is arc or very tiny, it will need custom made aperture. Or if customer’s budget is enough, they can consider CS-820 bench top spectrophotometer with 4 apertures in one instrument.
    LAV:2.54 cm(1 inch)
    MAV:1.5cm(0.6 inch)
    SAV:0.75cmx 1.0cm(0.3 inch x 0.4 inch)
    VSAV:0.3cmx 0.8cm(0.12 inch x 0.31 inch)

    Four Apertures of CS-820 Soectrophotometer

    CHNSpec Technology is specicalized on manufacturing colorimeter, spectrophotometer and gloss meter for color and gloss measurement. If any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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