• Spectrophotometer for Green Plants Color Measurement

  • The colors of the leaves are various, and there are many reasons for the changing color of plant leaves such as soil, temperature, sunlight, PH value, enzyme, leaf epidermal cells and so on. Some people want to be able to observe the plant leaves color changes in different stages and different environments. Human eyes can observe the color change but still limited. So on the basis of demand, people have designed the instruments – spectrophotometers. 

    Today we will show how to measure the plant leaves with color spectrophotometer.
    Step 1.Prepare the plants leaves of different growth stage.

    Step 2.Turn on CS-600 spectrophotometer and then calibrate the instrument.

    Step 3. The color of leaves is not even, in order to assure the testing accuracy, we will average 5 testing values.
    Enter into “setting”-“average” interface, press “up” or “down” to change the average times. This time we will set it into 5. (customer can set it according to the measured material)

    Step 4. After setting, press “cancel” to quit, then put it on the sample, press “test”, we can see the test result on the screen.

    Step 5. After measurement, press “menu” to enter into the sample measurement interface. Put the instrument on the sample, press “test”, then we can see the test result on the screen.

    According to the testing result, customer can get the color values of the plant leaves to analysis the growth of them. Comparing with visual method, spectrophotometer is more objective, simpler, faster, and better repeatability. 
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