• How to Choose Colorimeter/Spectrophotometer?

  • Some customers do not know how to choose colorimeter/spectrophotometer. Today we will introduce it.
    Colorimeter is suitable for customers who only need to get the color difference value and not requires very high testing accuracy.

    CS-10 is an economical version of the colorimeter designed for assembly line. It has all the basic functions needed to meet the measurement, and its high measurement accuracy can meets the general color inspection work.
    CS-200 is to the improve version for CS-10.CS-200 improves the measurement accuracy, and increases the yellow degree (YI) of whiteness (WI) measurement, is the most cost-effective colorimeter.
    The CS-210 is with built-in camera, which allows the user to select the appropriate measurement area.
    CS-220 provides "SCE" (spectral component exclude) measurement conditions, suitable for powder, pasty materials, high reflective and other materials color quality control.


    Spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec is high cost effective, instrument repeatability is better and better from CS-580 toCS-660. Expect CS-580, all other instrument can work with color matching system. CS-660 is with best accuracy and repeatability. CS-650 is with UV light source, it is suitable for color measurement of fluorescent material.
    3.Benchtop Spectrophotometer

    CS-800 is with upward testing caliber. CS-801 is with sideward testing caliber. Both of them can be used for paint, printing, textile, plastic, food, chemical and other industries for color measurement.
    CS-810 is transmission spectrophotometer for measure clear or semi-transparent products’ transmission, absorbance, concentration, color and other parameters.
    CS-820 is all-in-one spectrophotometer with excellent inter-instrument agreement, accuracy and repeatability. Whether it is color quality management or color matching, it can easily deal with.
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