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  • Spectrophotometer for color measurement of mobile phone fingerprint chip

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    Fingerprint recognition technology now step every families and plays important role. Our phone, lock and others all adopts this technology.
    Fingerprint recognition technology involves image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision, mathematical morphology, wavelet analysis and many other disciplines. Do you think that cell phone fingerprint recognition can only be used to unlock it? No, it has other applications, data encryption, handle drop-down notifications, selfie features, and so on.
    And now the smart phone home key and other fingerprint identification keys are in different colors, how to get these color? Paint ink by brush on a specific glass, and then paste the glass on the chip. But how to control the color? Our portable spectrophotometer can solve the problem for you!
    Our spectrophotometer CS-660 can get the color very easily. After connect the instrument with PC, open the QC software, we can get the color value very easily. If you want to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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