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  • Spectrophotometer for Color Quality Control of Decorative Paper

  • Decorative paper is a kind of paper that printed on wood pattern, stone pattern or other patterns and then compressed on high or medium density MDF to making floor and furniture. Because the decorative papers are printed by 3-4 kinds of colors, it is very easily to cause color difference problem. Today we introduce how to control its color.

    Decorative paper is with patterns. Every decoration paper is with multi small color blocks and marked by number. Every color shade represents one kind of color. This 5 kinds of colors are included in the decorative paper (please refer to the picture).

    We could use our portable spectrophotometer to measure the color of the color blocks. And then compare the color difference between the samples. Now we choose color blocks marked by 1 for color measurement. Because the color block size is small, we can use spectrophotometer CS-600B with 4mm testing aperture. CS-600B has the advantage of better stability and higher accuracy with build-in camera to avoid measurement error. 

    How to measure?
    After calibration, press “print” then we could view the measurement area by camera. Focus the instrument on the sample then press “test” for color measurement. 

    Measure the color of the color blocks marked by 1 on the four samples. Then we will get the color difference between the samples. The Lab values as follows

    Sample L A B
    1 54.82 11.61 16.83
    2 55.53 10.68 16.58
    3 49.95 15.51 9.41
    4 49.92 15.33 9.70

    During the production, we could compare the color difference value between ours and the samples provide by customer to avoid color difference. Many customers are worrying about how to measure the color of patterned products. You can try the above method.

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