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  • Spectrophotometer for Cigarette Packing Logo Color Measurement

  • With the consumption level and cigarette consumption level increased, the proportion of high-grade cigarettes increased year by year, at the same time, cigarette manufacturers want to meet the consumer trends and enhance their own brand needs, will gradually increase the proportion of high-grade cigarettes production. and select the high level of anti-counterfeiting technology, printing fine high-end printing and packaging, therefore, the proportion of high-grade tobacco will increase year by year. High-grade cigarette demand growth will be much higher than the industry average growth. So the cigarettes manufacturer requires high quality instruments for color control of their brand. Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology spectrophotometer has been widely applied in this field.

    Spectrophotometer (as show in figure) adopts multi high technology. It is widely used for laboratories, factories and field operation. It could meet the color measurement requirement for all industries so it is enough for color quality control of cigarettes brand.

    The printing company in Zhejiang Province invites us to go to their factory for showing how to test the cigarettes brand with our spectrophotometer.
    Step One: Prepare the target and standard samples (as show in figure)

    Step Two: Turn on spectrophotometer and then calibrate it. (as show in figure)

    Step Three: After calibration, press “print” for camera view the testing area. Put the target sample under the instrument. And then press “test”, after hearing the sound “beep” we could see the testing result (as show in figure)

    Step Four: After the measurement, press “menu” and then enter into the “sample measurement” interface. Put the standard sample under the instrument. Press “test” for color measurement, after hearing the sound “beep”, we could see the testing result on the instrument directly. The customer satisfied with our testing result and bought the spectrophotometer.
    CHNSpec Technology is specialized on manufacturing colorimeter and spectrophotometer. We keep on developing and researching to ensure the stability of our spectrophotometer. Our products are widely used in print industry, painting industry, automobile accessories industry, household appliances production industry and other researching organizations. At the same time, we launch new products to enlarge the utility of our products. If any interest or questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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