Food Industry
  • Drinking & Beverage Color Measurement Bench-top Spectrophotometer

  • The color of the drinking can be used to upgrade it.Todal we will introduce how to measure the color difference between the drinking.
    Step 1. Turn on the instrument and connect it with PC. Prepare the drinking samples and calibrate the instrument.

    Step 2. Open the test chamber, put the drinking target into the instrument.

    Step 3.After measure the target, pull it out. Then put the sample into the instrument for measurement and make sure no human factor will affect the result.

    Step 4. After measurement, we can get the liquid transmission value and color value directly on PC screen.

    CS-810 is designed for measuring the liquid transmission, absorbance, concentration, color and other parameters. In addition to measuring the liquid transmission, the instrument also includes APHA / PtCo (APHA / Platinum) and Gardner color for resins, solvents, acids, perfumes, varnishes, etc. Saybolt color for gasoline, white oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and paraffin oil.
    Any color measurement inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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