Food Industry
  • CS820 Benchtop Spectrophotometer for Beer Color Measurement

  • The color of beer is one of the main indicators to assess the quality of beer. and the level of color is also an important symbol of the distinction between beer. And malt is the first element to determine the color of beer, the color of beer is almost entirely dependent on the color of malt.

    Total we will introduce how to measure the malt color with benchtop spectrophotometer CS-820.
    The first step: Prepare the samples.

    The Second Step:Pour the liquid into cuvette

    The Third Step:Put the cuvette into instrument test chamber

    The Fourth Step:Measure the color of each sampels

    After measurement, we can see the beer color value L*a*b directly on the color QC software.
    Comparing with the beer colorimeter, our instrument CS-820 has the advantage of higher accuracy, getting result directly and simple operation.
    If any need, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
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