Food Industry
  • Semi-transparent Liquid Transmittance Color Measurement

  • Recently, we receives many inquiries from customer for measuring the color of semi-transparent liquid such as soybean sauce, vinegar and other flavouring liquids. 
    Now we introduce how to measure the color of soybean sauce. The instrument we need is our CS-810 benchtop spectrophotometer for transmittance measurement. 
    After switch on the instrument, black and white calibrate it and then start the measurement.

    Turn on the software, measure the target color firstly, and then the sample color.

    After measurement, we could get the accurate color value.

    After measurement, we could see the target and sample color value and color difference value.
    Transmittance spectrophotometer CS-810 could get the color difference value directly after measurement. It could overcome the disadvantage of visual method and better meet customer’s requirement. Any inquiry for color measurement, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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