Food Industry
  • Spectrophotometer for Capsules Color Measurement

  • Capsule is the most commonly seen packing method for drugs and other health products. It is mainly composed by medical gelatin, glycerine or other excipients.

    Now we introduce how to measure the color of capsules.
    The capsules have many different colors. Its color quality control is an important part. We need to check the color difference between same and different batches. There are two kinds of method to check its color. 
    The First Method: Choose spectrophotometer CS-600A. Cut the capsule sample (target) and then put it under the instrument. After measurement, we could see its L*a*b value. Press “menu”, to enter color difference measurement page. Then measure the color of other samples. We could get the color difference value on the screen directly. 

    The Second Method: Choose spectrophotometer CS-600B with testing aperture 4mm. Put the capsule on the aperture tightly to make sure no light will enter into the instrument. Press “print” to camera view the measurement position to avoid errors.

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