Cosmetics Industry
  • CHNSpec Color Matching System for Eyebrow Pencil Production Industry

  • Cosmetics industry has a large demand for color quality control. Color matching system made by CHNSpec Technology is widely used for this industry especially for eyebrow pencil production. 
    One famous eyebrow pencil production enterprise adopts our color matching system with spectrophotometer. It is a global chain enterprise and mainly focuses on manufacturing cosmetics products, eyebrow pencil (as show in figure), eyeliner etc. Theirs products has been exported to over 80 countries.

    different which greatly influences the products quality. And there are two main places where eyebrow pencil color different may occur.
    1. Pencil Refill Color: There are many different pen refill colors according to the requirement of market. Every color needs to be matched carefully. The main contents of pencil refill are toner and wax. Professional colorists also need a dozen times trail to finalize the percentage. A lot of waste material will be produced which reduces the benefit of the enterprise.
    2. Pencil body Color: The pencil body is painted so the paint color is also need to be matched. Because the paints are from different suppliers, so the pencil body color will be difference. It causes returning of goods which is not good for the long development of enterprise.
    So enterprise is seeking solutions for the color difference problem.
    1. Adopt CHNSpec Technology’s spectrophotometer for color measurement
    2. Adopt CHNSpec Technology’s color matching software, we will only need about 15 minutes to get the color formula. And make trail for one or two times we will get the exact percentage of toner and wax. It reduces production waste and increases the profits.
    3. Adopt CHNSpec Technology’s spectrophotometer for pencil body color measurement. Select qualified products by instrument to avoid goods returning.

    Now we will introduce how to control the color difference of the pencil body with our color matching system.
    Step one

    Step Two.Use a fixture to fix the target sample for color measurement.
    After we prepare the standard sample, connect the spectrophotometer with PC, exit the database. Test the standard sample with spectrophotometer, then the color matching software will get the color formula.

    Step Three. Match the color according to the formula; we will get one color that is similar to target sample (as show in figure). On the contrary, color matching by colorist will produce much waste (as show in future)

    Step Four. Measure sample color which produce by color matching software with spectrophotometer. We will get the color difference value between target sample and samples. If the color is not qualified, we could modify it by the software according to the value. And then customer will get the color same as target sample. (as show in figure)

    Color matching software with spectrophotometer could meet customer’s requirement for color quality of eyebrow pencil and eyeliner. It greatly reduces waste materials and good returning. At the same time, with our software normal worker could do the color matching job, we will not need colorist. It greatly improves the working efficiency.
    Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd is mainly focus on optical and color matching field. Our color matching software includes more than ten years’ experience in color and wisdom. And it could solve all your color problems. We believe we will cooperate with more companies in future. If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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