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  • How to measure Gardner color value?

  • We get some liquid sample from our customer. They ask us to measure its Gardner color value. Today we will introduce how to measure it with our benchtop spectrophotometer CS-810.
    1. Calibrate the spectrophotometer CS-810
    Black calibrate it with black tile and then click black calibration on software. 

    White calibrate it by distill water with glass cell.

    Air calibrate the instrument. (Note: make sure nothing is on the test aperture and then press “Air” on software for air calibration.

    2. Prepare the samples. 

    3. Choose “Gardner” and “light source” and “angle” on software.
    “Setup”—“list option”---“index”---“Gardner Color”
    “Setup”—“Angle/Source Setting”—“C and 2 degree”

    4. Put the samples with glass cell into the instrument one by one. Press “target” and then “sample” on software. We get the Gardner color value directly on the software. 

    If any inquiry about liquid or solid color measurement, please contact us freely. and tel:+86 571 85888707.

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