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  • How to measure the color of powder?

  • Some customers are asking how to measure the color difference of powder. Today we will introduce it. What kind of material is powder form? Powder coating, titanium dioxide, plastic powder, flour,etc. The measure methods are near same for all of them.

    The simplest way to measure powder is put the powder into cuvette. And then put the cuvette on instrument for measurement.

    This is the most commonly used method. Its advantage is simple operation and can get the test result directly. But because of the cuvette, even its transmission rate is above 90%, it still affects the test result. So when we measure the same samples, we should use the same cuvette.

    Nowadays more and more company are using the other method to measure the powder color. They will press the powder material into pellet and then measure it directly with instrument.

    We will introduce how to press the powder into pellet.

    This is mold including punch, mold release cavity, a base and a mold cavity.

    Powder pressing instrument includes main body, mold and jack.

    The sample is titanium dioxide.

    Put the powder into the mold release cavity.

    With the powder pressing instrument to press it into pellet. (normally, pressure will be less than 2.0Mpa).

    Then we will get the pellet made by powder.

    Put the pellet directly on instrument, after test we can get its color and whiteness value directly.
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