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  • Transmittance Meter for Brominated Epoxy Resin Pt-Co Color Measurement

  • Pt-Co index: Pt –Co standard liquid is made by potassium chloroplatinate and cobalt chloride. Comparing the standard liquid with the sample, we can get the sample’s Pt-Co color value. Only liquid can have Pt-Co color value, how can we test powder?

    Brominated epoxy resin (BE or BEO) is a kind of powder, because of its good electrical performance and physical and mechanical properties have been widely used in the electronics, automotive, office equipment, household appliances and other industries. It has excellent melt flow rate, high flame retardant efficiency, and excellent thermal stability. It is widely used as a flame retardant for thermoplastic materials such as PBT, PET, ABS, nylon 66, PC / ABS. It is widely used in flame retardant materials with good physical and mechanical properties. Brominated epoxy resin is insoluble in water, alcohol, xylene, butanone, but soluble in DMF, ethylene glycol dimethyl ether and so on. Many companies have requirements on Pt-Co color value of brominated epoxy resins, and in order to better control the color quality, it is important to measure it by instrument.

    Transmission spectrophotometer CS-810 is specially designed for the measurement of liquid transmission, absorbance, concentration, color and other parameters.
    Today we will introduce how to measure the Pt-Co color of brominated epoxy resin with our instrument. The following are the tools that we need.

    Brominated epoxy resin is powder form in normal and it is insoluble in water. We will use dioxane to dissolve it. It is difficult to dissolve in normal temperature, it need to be placed in the warm water, after it is fully dissolved, we can measure. For more details, please refer to the picture. 

    In addition to measuring the Pt-Co color, the instrument also can measure Gardner color for products such as resins, solvents, acids, perfumes and varnishes; , Saybolt color for gasoline, white oil, kerosene, lubricating oil and paraffin oil. If any customer inquiry in this field, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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