Chemical Industry
  • Talcum Powder Color Measurement

  • Talcum powder is a kind of fine powder which could be widely used as filler for rubber, plastic, paint, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries. When is it added into cosmetic products, it will enhance its UV-proof function.

    Because of its widely applications as raw material, its color quality control will be a very important part. Now we introduce how to measure its color.
    The first method as follows:

    The second method as follows:
    If the sample can not be pressed into pellet, we could use benchtop spectrophotometer CS-800 with cuvette to hold the powder for color measurement. (Note: please make sure the powder is evenly in the cuvette and no light will enter into the instrument.)

    CHNSpec Technology is specialized on manufacturing colorimeters, portable and benchtop spectrophotometers and gloss meter for color and gloss measurement. We could solve all the color problem for our customers. Any inquiry for color measurement, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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