Textile Industry
  • How to compare the color difference between printed textile with Pantone color

  • 1. Prepare instrument, samples and PT color chart

    2. Customer are using PT 121C,324C and 496C. They need us to compare the color on the printed textile and PT color. Now we will make the test.

    3. Turn on the instrument and connect it with PC.(Enter into USB interface)

    4. Black and white calibrate the instrument

    5. Sett the parameter (Set up—Listing Option—Color Space, D-Value and Equation). According to customer’s requirement, we choose L, a, b, Delta L,Delta a, Delta b and Delta E.

    6. Now we will compare the color difference of the printed textile with pantone color 324C.
    1). Measure the printed textile firstly. It will be called target.
    2). Measure the pantone color 324C. We can get its color value and color difference between it and the printed textile.

    7. Use the same method to measure the other 2 colors. We will get the following test result.

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