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  • Textile Yarn Color Measurement

  • Yarn is the raw material for weaving, producing rope, thread and embroidery. Its quality effects the quality of final products. So the color of the yarn takes an important role for the color of the weaving, rope, thread and embroidery. Now we will introduce how to measure the yarn color with our spectrophotometer CS-600.

    Firstly, wind the yarn in a flat plate. Its surface should be flat for color measurement. Please refer to figure 1.

    Note: When we wind the yarn, we need make sure the tightness and flatness. If the surface is not flat, it can not closely contact the testing caliber so sunlight will enter into the system, the testing result will be not correct.

    Prepare the target sample No.1 and testing sample No.2. Please refer to figure 2.

    We will use CS-600 spectrophotometer to measure the color of yarn. Turn on the instrument and calibrate it. Please refer to the figure 3.

    Put the target sample No.1 under the testing caliber and let the sample closed contact the testing caliber, then press “test” for measurement. 

    We could press “print” to camera view the testing area to make sure the testing caliber is covered by sample. 

    We get the result as show in figure.

    Press “menu” and then test the testing sample No.2. Put the sample No.2 under the testing caliber, then press “test”. We will get the result as show in figure.

    Press “enter” we could see the spectral reflectance of target sample and testing sample.

    Press “enter”, we could see the following figure.

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