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  • Spectrophotometer for Automobile Window Film Transmission Measurement

  • Automobile window film is used in the front and rear of the vehicle windows to block UV and part of the heat etc. In general, for the color of the films, there are carbon black, dark gray, light natural color and so on. The color control for the films plays an important role for its production. 

    Because the automobile window films are transparent or semi-transparent, we will need transmission spectrophotometer CS-810 to measure its color. Normal reflectance colorimeter or spectrophotometer can not measure transmission. Our customer provides the film samples; they want to measure its Lab value and transmission. 
    Today we will introduce how to measure it.
    The first step: Prepare the spectrophotometer and film samples.

    The Second Step: Connect the spectrophotometer with PC.

    The Third Step: Set the test technical data on software. After test, we can see the test result directly on the screen.

    The instrument is not only suitable for color measurement of automobile film, but also suitable for mobile phone screen film, computer screen film, light cover, etc.If any inquiry for film color measurement, please contact us freely.
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