Plastic Industry
  • Plastic Colorant and Spectrophotometer

  • How to change the plastic color? We can use dye, pigment and other materials to change its color, that is, by changing the light absorption and reflectance to get different colors.
    Plastic colorant can be pided into 4 kinds according to its shape: powder (toner), pasty (color paste), liquid (color oil) and solid (color master batches).
    The most commonly used are power and solid colorant. Today we will introduce how to measure the color of the colorant. 
    Tonner has the advantage of easily distributed, low cost and allows small batch operation. Our spectrophotometer can be used to measure the color of toner. In order to make sure the accuracy, we can press it into pellet firstly and then put the pellet on the instrument for color measurement. 

                    Press Powder into Pellet for Color Measurement

    Master batches
    Master batches are fully mixed and completely combine with resin. It can quickly get color, and easy to change in the process of color.
    For the color measurement of master batches, we need cuvette to hold them and then put it on the spectrophotometer fixture.

                    Master Batched Color Measurement with cuvette
    Any plastic color measurement questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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