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  • Desktop Spectrophotometer for Mobile Phone Film Transmittance Measurement

  • Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology is committed to provide users with good quality products and services in the continuous development process. Our products are widely used in the domestic printing, coatings, auto parts, metal, home appliances, gold standard test paper, food safety, Medical testing and other industries and scientific research institutions. Our transmission spectrophotometer is also expanding its application scope. This time it is been used in mobile phone film transmittance measurement.
    Mobile phone film is also called phone beauty film or phone protective film. It is a cold mounted film that could be used in mobile phone body surface, screen and other tangible objects. With the popularity of smart phone, the mobile phone film rate reaches 96.7%. However, the current mobile phone film market is disordered with product price confusion and quality cohabitation. Most of the consumers do not have the ability to identify the quality, which led to the popular low-grade film. Many eye hospitals have pointed out that because of the poor quality of the phone screen film, visual problems have been common cases. Long-term focusing on the screen with low quality film will cause vision problem. Therefore, the cell phone film transmittance greatly affects its quality.

    Transmittance spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec Technology can not only measure liquid transmittance but also suitable for measure APHA/PtCo and Gardner of resin, solvent, acid, perfume and varnish, Saybolt of petrol, kerosene, lubricating oil and wax. It is more objective than visual method and provides greater sensitivity and maximum repeatability. It could fully meet the requirement of mobile phone transmittance measurement.

    One enterprise comes from Dongguan want to use our spectrophotometer to measure the mobile phone film transmittance. We will introduce how to measure it.
    The following are the processes.
    The First Step: Prepare the film and transmittance spectrophotometer.

    The Second Step: Connect the instrument to PC. Turn it on and then calibrate it.

    The Third Step: Open the sample room and then put the sample in it.

    The Fourth Step: Measure the film, after it is finished, open the sample room and then move the position of film for measurements. Then we will get the testing results.

    After measurement, we could see the testing result and film transmittance value from wavelength 400nm to 700nm on the computer. With CS-810 spectrophotometer, we could get the result much easier and display testing result directly on PC. Our customer is satisfied with it. 
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