Plastic Industry
  • CHNSpec Portable Spectrophotometer for Plastic Sheet Color Measurement

  • Plastic is mainly composed by synthetic resin, plasticizer, stabilizers, lubricants, colorant and other additives, its main component is a synthetic resin. Plastic sheet is the sheet made by plastic. and in the quality inspection process, the plastic plate color management is a very important part. CS-600 sphere spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec Technology has been used for the color measurement of plastic.

    Our spectrophotometer CS-600 has got the national first-level metrology authentication, integrated with many technical features, and has superior performance and high performance-price ratio in the same products at home and abroad. Its performance is far superior to the traditional colorimeters. And it is widely used in the factory and laboratory. It could be used for almost all applications in the field of quality control to achieve the best color measurement. The CS-600's built-in software is powerful and contains all the necessary color equations, standard light sources for different tasks, and a wide range of industry-specific and application-specific metrics. Including the application of indicators of the plastics industry is very conducive to the color of the plastic plate management, but also fully meet the color measurement needs of plastic plates.

    After knowing our spectrophotometer could be used for plastic color measurement, one plastic company in Shenzhen hopes us to go to their factory to show how to test their products. This company’s main products are PVC colloidal particles of different colors. They have a strict requirement on the quality of plastic sheet, so they will adopt new method—CHNSPec Spectrophotometer—for the color quality of plastic sheet.
    Now we will introduce how to use our CS-600 to measure the color difference of the plastic sheets.
    The 1st step: Prepare the sames—Plastic target sample to standard sample.

    The 2nd Step: Turn on the instrument, after calibration, press “print” to view the testing area by camera. Put the instrument on target sample. Then press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep”, we could see the testing result directly. Make sure no light will enter into the instrument.

    The 3rd Step: After target sample measurement is finished, press ”menu” to enter into the sample test interface. Put the instrument on sample and then press “test” for measurement. After hearing the sound of “beep”, we will get the color value and color difference value.

    After we finish the samples measurement, we could see the color difference value on the instrument. Customer is satisfied with our spectrophotometer CS-600. It takes an important role for the color measurement of plastic sheet and helps to improve the product quality and enterprise profits. 
    CHNSpec Technology is specialized on manufacturing colorimeter and spectrophotometer. We keep on developing and researching to ensure the stability of our spectrophotometer. Our products are widely used in print industry, painting industry, automobile accessories industry, household appliances production industry and other researching organizations. At the same time, we launch new products to enlarge the utility of our products. If any interest or questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us: +86 571 86872381 or email me at
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