Plastic Industry
  • Plastic Products Color Measurement

  • Color management plays an important role in plastic production. So more and more customers are using colorimeters and spectrophotometers for color quality control.
    Some plastic shape is regular with flat surface for color measurement. We could put the instrument directly on the samples without special tools. Colorimeter and spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec could measure them without any problem.

    However, some products shape is irregular and without enough surface for measurement. For this kind of products, we will need to prepare color panel for color representation.
    Some of the plastic is semitransparent and lights go through it. So the sample background will have an impact on the final color value. For this kind of products, we will take multiple samples overlap for measurement, pad white background or pad black background for measurements and other methods to achieve accurate measurement.

    For pellets, powder or liquid sample, we will need cuvettes to hold them for color measurement. Becnch top spectrophotometer CS-800 is design for pellets, powder and pasty samples color measurement with upward testing caliber.

    Desktop Spectrophotometer CS-810 is designed for liquid or transparency products transmittance measurement. Liquid will be put into cuvette for color measurement.

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