Paint Industry
  • Spectrophotometer for Coating Products Reflectance Measurement

  • Spraying technology is widely used in all kinds of industries. Because of its high working efficiency, it is suitable for manual operations and industrial automation production and mainly used for hardware, plastics, furniture, military and other fields. It is the most commonly used painting method. Barium sulfate inside the integrating sphere and reflector cup inside the lamps are all painted by spraying.
    The market has a highly increasing requirement for the reflectance of spraying materials. However, the photoelectric integration color measurement instrument can only get the color values. Only sphere spectrophotometer could get the reflectance value on difference wavelengths. Our CS-580,CS-600,CS-610,CS-650 and CS-660 can get the reflectance spectrum.
    Now we introduce how to measure it with our spectrophotometer CS-600.

    Turn on and calibrate the instrument.
    Put the instrument on the sample and make sure the instrument closely connects with the sample and no light will enter into the instrument.
    Press “test” we will get the sample color value as show in the figure.

    Choose reflectance, we could see the sample reflectance spectrum.

    Press “up” or “down” to move the cursor and we could see the reflectance spectrum on difference wavelengths. As show in figure, wavelength is 550nm and reflectance is 96.5.
    We could connect instrument with PC by USB cable. After measurement, in the software we could see the reflectance spectrum figure and reflectance value on difference wavelengths. It could be save into excel, the data could be kept for future analysis.
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