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  • Spectrophotometer for Powder Coating Color Measurement

  • Powder coating is mainly used for corrosion protection of metals at its early stage. With the development of powder coating production and application technology, its Application scope expands unceasingly. People pay more attention on powder coating decoration function. Modern enterprises adopts assembly line for instrument assemble (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, instruments, metal window frames, aluminium profiles, etc) which requires higher quality of the coating products. The consistent of coating color between different batches became important requirement of the clients. 

    Measurement Instrument
    The main color measurement instruments are colorimeters and spectrophotometer. Colorimeter has the advantage of lower price, simple for carrying, quick measurement for color difference. However, its error is larger and can not guide for color matching. There are two kinds of spectrophotometer portable and bench top. Portable spectrophotometer is similar to colorimeter and has the advantage of high testing accuracy, spectral reflectance testing , system Data output and could work with color matching software. Benchtop spectrophotometer’s price is higher with larger size, it is suitable for laboratory. Nowadays colorimeters and spectrophotometers are most commonly used. Because of the high price of color matching software, only few big coating manufacturing companies are using it. With the development of color measurement technology in China , Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd research and manufactured the first spectrophotometer in China. Its testing result could matching with the imported instrument and lower price than them. 

    The 1st Step: We will use spectrophotometer CS-660 for powder coating color measurement. Prepare the samples. Press the powder material into pellet with powder molding instrument. (Its surface should be flat.)

    The 2nd Step: Turn on the instrument and calibrate it. Set the parameter and formula according to the instruction book.

    The 3rd Step: After calibration, press “Print” to camera view the testing area. Put the target sample under the testing caliber to make sure no light enter into the instrument. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep” we will see the testing result. 

    The 4th Step: After we saved the testing result for target sample, press “menu”, we will enter into the “testing sample measurement” interface. Put the testing sample under the testing caliber. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of “beep” we will see the testing result.

    The testing result of spectrophotometer could guide for color matching. It greatly reduces time and labor cost. Instrument with the experience of color technical worker will get best color difference control result. 

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