• Film Haze Tester TH-100 Operation Introduction


    TH-100 haze tester is an economic model which is designed for customers with lower budget. It is vertical model and can also be placed horizontally to measure different kinds of samples such as plastic films, plastic sheet, glasses, screens, etc.


    Today we will introduce the operation of TH-100 haze tester.

    1. 0% Calibration

    Put 0% calibration cover on the instrument, press test we can do 0% calibration.


    2. 100% Calibration

    Make sure nothing is in the measurement aperture, press “test, we can do 100% calibration.


    3. Target and Sample Measurement

    Parameter: Haze (%) and Transmittance (%)

    Standard: ASTM

    Light Source and Angle: C / 2°


    1). Target Measurement

    Place the sample on measurement aperture, press test, we can see the test result directly on the instrument screen.


    2). Sample and Difference Measurement

    Press enter to enter into sample and difference measurement page. Place sample on the measurement aperture, press “test we can see the test result directly.

    4. More Applications of Haze Tester TH-100

    Touch panel              Mobile Phone Screen           Automobile Film


    CHNSpec Tech is specialized on manufacturing instruments for color, gloss and haze measurement. Any inquiry, you are welcome to contact us.

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