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  • Non-Contact Color Haze and Transmittance Test Equipment

  • CHNSpec launches new product non-contact color haze and transmittance test equipment. We will introduce it.

    1. Application
    This device is designed for measuring haze, total transmittance and color value Lab for large size and heavy material such as large screen, automobile glass and other transparent and translucent materials.

    2. Advantages
    1). Ultra-large size platform, largest sample size 2.6 x 1.6m, every point on sample can be measured.
    2). Suitable for heavy materials measurement with air float function, max. weight capacity 200kgs
    3). Flip to load function which makes large and heavy material test much easier.
    4). Simultaneously measure color, haze and total transmittance

    3. Technical Data

    Part 4. How to use it?
    1). Material Feeding
    It is with flip load function which makes large and heavy material test much easier.

    2). How to move the sample on the platform?
    Samples are heavy and large, how to move it? We design the system with air float function to make sample moving becomes much easier work. Only one hand will be enough to move it.

    3). PC software
    The whole system includes PC and software for measurement, generating and saving test report.

    4). Measurement
    It can measure different points on sample with short time. (Custom-made service is available) After measurement, we can see the test result directly on the PC screen.

    CHNSpec Tech is specialized on manufacturing instruments for color, gloss and haze measurement. If any inquiry for similar project, welcome to contact us.
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