Haze Meter


        Haze meter is designed for plastic, films, glass, LCD panel, touch screen other transparent and semi-transparent materials color, haze and transmittance measurement.

      It is designed for plastic, films, glass, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement.

      Instrument Introduction
      1. Conform to ASTM and ISO standard. 3 kinds of light sources A,C and D65 for haze measurement.
      2. It can realize transmittance compensation measurement which can provide higher accuracy test result.
      3. Open measurement area, no limit on sample size. Vertical measurement is also available.
      4. Different fixtures to meet the measurement requirement for sheet material and liquid in different shapes.
      5. Instrument is with haze and transmittance measurement software.

      Instrument Details

      Liquid Measurement                             Sheet Material Measurement

      Cap for Compensation Port               0% Calibration Cap

      Type Haze Meter CS-700
      Light Source CIE-A、CIE-C、CIE-D65
      Standards ASTM D1003/D1044
      Parameter HAZE),Transmittance (T)
      Spectral Response CIE Luminosity function y
      Wavelength 400-700nm
      Wavelength Interval 10nm
      Geometry 0/d
      Measurement Area/Sample Port 16.5mm/21mm
      Measurement Range 0-100%
      Haze Resolution 0.01
      Haze Repeatability ≤0.1
      Sample Size Thickness≤150mm
      Display 5 inch TFTLCD screen
      Memory 20000 values
      Interface USB
      Power 220V
      Working Temperature 10-40 ℃
      Storage Temperature 0-50℃
      Size (LxWxH) 598mmX247mmX366mm
      Standard Accessory PC software (Color QC)
      Optional Measurement Fixture, Haze standard film

      Application Field

      1. One year warranty.