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  • MCK Transmittance Spectrophotometer Measurement

  • Recently, we have done a project for a customer to measure Acetyl cedrene(MCK) Hunter Lab Value and Transmittance Measurement with our benchtop spectrophotometer CS-810.

    Next let's take a look at CS-810 and how to measure the Hunter Lab value and transmittance of Acetyl cedrene(MCK).

    1.Instrument Outlook

    2.Instrument Details

    3.Fill the cuvette by target liquid sample

    4.Open the cover and put the cuvette on the measurement ficture

    5.Tsrget sanple measurement

    6.Test result

    7.Fill the cuvette by sample 1

    8.Sample 1 measurement

    9.Test result

    10.Fill the cuvette by sample 2

    11.Sample 2 measurement

    12.Test result

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