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  • Online Gloss Meter introduction

  • Online Gloss Meter introduction
    1. Introduction
    The non-contact on-line gloss measuring system provides products’ glossy data for production gloss quality control, to improve quality control level and save operating expenses. The system is easy to install and manage, can be found through real-time control and solve the problem of gloss without interrupting production.
    2. Instrument advantages
    100% online gloss measurement, non-contact, non-destructive gloss measurement

    2).Automatically online gloss measurement
    100mm measurement distance allows instrument to move away from the moving products on production line to provide flexible online installation condition and reduce the possibility of damage to equipment and materials.
    3).Adjustable Measurement Height
    The measurement height is adjustable to make it suitable for measuring materials with difference thickness.
    4).Can measure material with angles (irregular material)
    Angle is adjustable to ensure that the product measuring surface and optical path is 60 °, so it is also suitable to measure products with difference thickness.

    2. Technical Data and Price List
    Type Non-contact gloss measurement system
    Test Angles 60 degree
    Measurement Spot(mm) 25x55
    Measurement Range 0-1000GU
    Stability 0.1GU
    Measurement Mode Continuous Test and Single Test
    Measurement Repeatability 0-100GU:0.3GU
    Measurement Time Less than 0.5s
    Instrument Size(mm) 1500x700x1200 (Length x Width x Height)
    We can also custom made the size according to the customer’s requirement
    Weight About 60kgs
    Language English
    Interface USB
    Gloss QC Software Including
    Working Temperature 0-40℃
    Humidity Less than 85%, no condensation
    Packing List Gloss Sensor, Instrument supports, Calibration tile, Power Adaptor, Gloss Color QC software
    3. More Instrument Pictures


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