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  • what is a gloss finish?

  •     A gloss finish is the term used to describe how much light a paint or stain reflects. It may also be called sheen level.A gloss finish is a label that is given to paint or stain to describe how much light it will reflect. Several gloss finishes are available, including flat, low sheen, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss.Paints with a flat gloss finish are frequently used on ceilings. A flat finish may also be ideal for painting techniques that result in faux textures. Shinier finishes are more appropriate for both interior and exterior trim. Many paints that are designed for bathrooms or kitchens have a high gloss finish because it is easier to clean. However, the gloss may fade over time, leaving the paint looking worn or dingy. Flat paint can be retouched easily, but glossier paints may require the entire surface to be repainted. A gloss finish may also be referred to as sheen level.


        Luster as the surface characteristics of the object, depends on the surface of the mirror reflection of light, the so-called specular reflection is the reflection angle and reflection angle equal to the incident angle. Gloss is the physical quantity that evaluates the ability of a material surface to reflect light under a set of geometrically defined conditions. Therefore, it expresses the reflection property with direction selection. According to the characteristics of the gloss, the gloss can be pided into several categories, we usually say the gloss refers to the "mirror to the mirror," so the gloss meter, sometimes called mirror specular gloss meter.


        Measuring gloss Using a gloss meter, most gloss meters measure the surface reflectivity of an object, which is called a specular gloss meter. The angle of the selected incident angle is different when measured, and the measured results are also different. The larger the incident angle, the larger the specular reflectance and the higher the gloss, that is, why a high-gloss material should be measured with a high-gloss measuring instrument with a 20-degree angle; on the other hand, the lower the specular reflectance is, the lower the gloss is. A low-gloss measuring instrument with an angle of 85 degrees is used. Thus, the level of gloss depends not only on the surface properties of the object, but also on the measuring angle of the instrument.The two models of CS-300 and CS-380 produced by our company can meet the needs of the public for measuring gloss.CHNSpec tech is specialized on manufacturing instruments for color, haze and gloss measurement. Our main instruments are colorimeter, spectrophotometer, haze meter and gloss meter. Any color, haze and gloss measurement questions, welcome to contact us. Tel +86 571-85888707, Email: 

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