Color Knowledge
  • what is a color meter?

  •     Digital Color Meter is a utility for measuring and displaying the color values of pixels displayed on the screen of a Macintosh computer.The utility presents a "window" onto the screen which includes a cursor which by default is 1 × 1 pixel in size. The color displayed in that pixel is shown as a color value which may be represented as decimal or hexadecimal RGB triplets, CIE 1931, CIE 1976 or CIELAB triplets or a Tristimulus triplet.The displayed color could be copied either as a solid color or as the color value which represents it, to be used in other application.


        The geometry of the measurement of these colors, with luminosity including a field of measurement of 8mm, allows for universal use for all types of materials. Furthermore, these devices are used by artisans, paint manufacturers, architects, painters and designers for testing colors or for establishing colors after mixing various colors.Below you will find some further information about our color meter products. Our color meter products find their use in many different areas. Our color meters are used in the pharmaceutical, food and textile processing industries.


        If you have any customer, who are looking for instruments for this function, welcome introduce our instrument to them. This instrument also support to upload their own color swatches.
        CHNSpec tech is specialized on manufacturing instruments for color, haze and gloss measurement. Our main instruments are colorimeter, spectrophotometer, haze meter and gloss meter. Any color, haze and gloss measurement questions, welcome to contact us. Tel +86 571-85888707, Email:

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