Color Knowledge
  • Benchtop Tiny Aperture Gloss Meter Introduction

  • 1. What is the gloss meter application?

    Benchtop gloss meter is designed for gloss measurement for the materials which normal gloss meter can not measure such as electroplating tubes, automobile buttons, keyboard keys, light cover, toys, mobile phone accessories, earphone cover, etc.

    2. What is the measurement angle of the tiny aperture gloss meter?

    It is designed for 60°gloss measurement.

    3. Whats the size of the measurement aperture?

    2x3mm measurement aperture to make it suitable to measure tubes, curve materials, irregular materials gloss.

    CHNSpec CS-3000S gloss meter is tiny aperture gloss meter with measurement range 0-1000GU. It could measure both high gloss and low gloss material. Any color and gloss measurement questions, welcome to contact us. Tel +86 571-85888707, Email:

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