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  • Gloss Meter Introduction

  • Gloss Meter Introduction

    1. What is gloss meter?

    Gloss is the physical quantity that is used to evaluate the reflect ability of a material's surface under a defined condition. The gloss we usually refer to is "specular gloss," so gloss meter sometimes is called "specular gloss meter” which is mainly used to evaluate the surface gloss of products. Gloss do not have unit, GU is the abbreviation of gloss unit.

    2. Usage of Gloss Meter

    Gloss meter is used to measure the gloss degree of the surface. The angles selected for measurements are different and the results are also different. The larger the angle, the greater the specular reflectance, the higher the gloss value is; and vice versa. Thus, the level of gloss depends not only on the surface properties of the object, but also on the measurement angle. According to the angles, gloss meter can be mainly pided into 20 ° high gloss meter, 60 ° gloss meter and 85 ° low gloss meter.

    3.How to Choose Gloss Meter?

    20 ° gloss meter refers standards of ISO-2813, ASTM-D523, ASTM-D2457, etc., mainly for high-gloss paint, ink, plastic, paper, glossy wax paper and casting coated paper.

    60 °gloss meter refers standards of ISO-2813, ASTM-C584, ASTM-D523, DIN-6750, ASTM-D2457, etc., mainly used in the luster of the paint, ink, plastic, ceramics, marble, coated paper.

    85 °gloss meter refers standards of ISO-2813, DIN-67530, ASTM-D523, etc., mainly for low-gloss paint, camouflage coating, etc.

    4. How to choose the Angle of Gloss Meter?

    We can start from 60 °, and if the result is between 10-90GU, then choose 60 ° angle. If the result is less than 10GU, then low gloss 85 ° is more suitable; if the result is higher than 90GU, the product is high gloss, 20 ° is more suitable.

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