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  • what is a color management system?

                                                 what is a color management system?

        When using your monitor to edit and retouch an image you have generated and then printing that image, different colors might be output by different devices, even though these devices are processing the same data. Color-matching problems result from various devices and software using different color spaces. One solution is to have a system that interprets and translates color accurately between devices.

        A color management system (CMS) is a collection of software tools designed to reconcile the different color capabilities of scanners, monitors, printers, imagesetters, and printing presses to ensure consistent color throughout the print production process. In this way, the color printed or printed is the same as that of the scanned color. It is impossible to make a very accurate color match, but it should be to make the color of the final print closer to the original color. Now the color management system, which we usually mention, usually refers to the management system that uses the internationally recognized CIE color measurement system.

        The primary goal of color management is to obtain a good match across color devices. Color management helps to achieve the same appearance on all of these devices, provided the devices are capable of delivering the needed color intensities. Color management cannot guarantee identical color reproduction, as this is rarely possible, but it can at least give you more control over any changes which may occur.





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