Color Knowledge
  • Colorimeter and Spectrophotometer Questions and Answers

  • 1. What is the instrument used for?
    Answer: Our instrument is designed for color measurement for any kinds of products. It can be used for color quality control for most industries.

    2.What does L*a*b mean?
    Answer:L*a*b is the color space introduced by CIE (English name: International Commission on illumination, France name: Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage). L represents white or black (△L*+ represents too much white; △L*- represents too much black).a represents red or green (△a*+ represents too much red; △L*- represents too much green).b represents yellow or blue (△b*+ represents too much yellow; △b*- represents too much blue).
    You can refer to the following pictures.

    3.What’s △E*ab?
    Answer: △E*ab is the total color difference value between the two samples. It represents the distance of the two colors in the coordinate. The samller the△E*ab value is, the closer the two colors are.

    4.Can we get recipes from the spectrophotometer?
    Answer: No, if customer wants to get recipes they will need color matching software. Color matching software with spectrophotometer can get recipes.

    5. How to choose suitable type for customer?
    Answer: Firstly, we should know what kind of material does the customer want to measure?
    Secondly, we need know their requirement on accuracy. If they only want to get the color difference, we can recommend colorimeter to them. If they require high accuracy to guide for color matching, they will need spectrophotometer.

    6. If customer wants to measure liquid, which instrument they can use?
    Answer: Firstly, we need to know what kind of liquid they want to measure. If it is opaque liquid, such as milk, they will need reflectance spectrophotometer such as CS-800,CS-801 and portable spectrophotometers. If it is clear or semi-transparent liquid such as beer,oil,etc. They will need benchtop spectrophotometer CS-810 and CS-820.
    (At last for measure liquid color, benchtop spectrophotometer will be better choice.)

    7. If customer want to measure transparent solid products, which instrument shall we use?
    Answer: If customer wants to measure transparent or semi-transparent products such as plastic film, glass, plastic sheet, they can use bench top spectrophotometer CS-810. (for semi-transparent products, some of customer may want to test the reflectance color value, we need ask them firstly and then recommend suitable instrument)

    8. If customer wants to measure plastic tube and similar products, what kind of instrument we can recommend?
    If customer want to measure the sample in cylinder shape (which similar in the picture), we can recommend them to use instrument with aperture 4mm. 

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